Mat Rass

Dork, Warrior in Training, Slayer of Goblins


Name: Mathew Johnathan Rass, ‘Mat’

Age: 14

High Concept: The Big Nerd Who Didn’t Like Camp
Mat’s the kind of kid you’d expect to find in the school library during recess, the type who has his homework done ahead of time so he doesn’t have to worry about it later, and the sort you’d more likely see in front of a computer than socializing. Camp Innawoods is the second summer camp that Mat will be attending in two years, but it’s not like he wants to go, his parents are forcing him to attend. “Get outside and see some nature, it’ll build character!” Mat’s father said, while his mother insisted “Go outside your comfort zone, who knows? Maybe you’ll make some friends?” not exactly compelling arguments, but it’s not as though disobeying was an option. Perhaps the worst part of this whole debacle though is that Mat isn’t being sent off alone… his parents have sent along his older sister to ‘enjoy the summer’ with him, which is both code for ‘keep an eye on him’ and pretty rich considering the two siblings aren’t all that close.

Trouble: Wildlife Reserved
Having read extensively about animals prehistoric and beyond, Mat has gained an appreciation for fearsome creatures which are now extinct. They’re cool for various reasons, but most importantly, Mat won’t have to worry about running into them if he goes outside. The same thing cannot be said for animals in the present day however, and Mat is loathe to have dealings with anything short of a house pet. The feeling is probably mutual of course, but Mat isn’t the one that has razor-sharp teeth and claws; wild animals are dangerous, and as much as Mat knows about them, he has no desire to study them up close!

Personal Aspect: The Conqueror
to be done

Friendship Bond: AngieEven before coming to the Frozen Hell, Mat and Angie were fast friends. There have been some up’s and down’s in their relationship since arriving in that fantastical world, but after a life-saving encounter and some tender moments, an evil mask who was destined to destroy the world spilled the beans about how Mat like-liked Angie, and Mat made the decision to confess properly. [Bear With Me – Compelling the Trouble “Wildlife Reserved” gets you 2 Fate Points, but you lose 1 at the end of the scene.] & [Primal Resistance – Resolve rolls to defend against Rapport and Intimidation gain a +1 bonus.]

Animosity Bond:

Guardian Bond: Bambi – Mat’s resolve and earnest behavior have earned him a teacher of sorts! Bambi (or as Mat refers to her: ‘Ms.B’, ’Ma’am’, ‘Coach’, etc) has promised to ‘make a man’ out of Mat, whatever that means! [Berserker Rage – Replace your Resolve skill with Brawl for the rest of the scene. You lose access to Resolve until you’ve had a moment to calm down.]

+3: Academics, Survival
+2: Empathy, Games, Resolve, Athletics
+1: Deceit, Investigation, Stealth, Endurance

[Signature Stunt] The Big Book of Nature
More than just a collection of pictures and articles, this book has an in depth examination of the different traits of animals and plants that can be observed. Even with new species being discovered quite often, nobody could have predicted how useful such a book would be in a world filled with all sorts of ‘new’ creatures. Even with little to no printed information available, Mat may always make Academics and/or Survival rolls to learn more about his environment, or the creatures in it. Additionally, on a success with style, he may apply an aspect to any creature in a scene (a scientific designation) which grants a free invoke in addition to the normal bonus.

[Rapport] Academia
It’s easier to get along with people when they’re as learned as you are. Mat gets +2 Rapport when dealing with people who have at least +2 Academics.

[Resolve] A Little Confidence Goes a Long Way
After an important conversation with Angie, who told Mat that he should be more confident in himself, Mat decided that he’d give it a shot. Under the pretense that Angie would look after Rexy for him, Mat traded his trusty stuffed dinosaur for a little backbone. Resolve rolls made to resist Fear are an automatic success for Mat, though he may invoke this stunt to make the success one with style instead.

[Skies: The Landing] Imperial Intrigue
The courts of the Empire are filled with plots, conspiracies, and the like. None of their authoritarian whims could be brought about without the various Knightly Orders though; this deck uses deception, espionage, and raw power to overcome the enemies of the state. Mat may add Deceit to any roll in the pre-contest step of each round.

[Skies: The Landing] The Emperor-King of the Sky Islands
Extra Boost: can’t be used after the final late-game contest

Fate Points: 3 | Refresh: 3

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][]

Moderate: [Broken Nose]
Severe: [Burning Muscles]

- Freyja’s Tusk [Quality: 0/Rating: 2] (Has an extra effect against women.)
- Darkness Armor: Gain a +2 to Stealth rolls. For a fate point, you may turn invisible for a limited time, which depends on Nyx’s current disposition.
- Angie’s Pantsu
- Bella’s stuffed rabbit
- 1st Edition copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’
- Elixir of Saturn: [Empty] For a whole scene, grants Endurance +3. 1d6(plus)1 hours of paralysis after the effect runs out.
- Elixir of Venus: Changes Sex.
- Elixir of Neptune: [Empty] – Permanent Effect: Fertility Bonus.
- Elixir of Jupiter: Varying effect depending on the gender. It involves embiggening. Permanency depends on the dosage.
- Random Elixir (Provides a random effect – 3 Sips left (3 Sips for a permanent effect))
- 300 Gold
- Cursed Obedience Collar (Grants you a bonus of +3 to all Social and Might rolls against the wearer. Works on humans and beastfolk only. Can’t be removed.)
- Nyx’s 8-Ball
- Juno’s Pocketwatch – Smashing this watch will set time back two days with other various effects.
- The Lion’s Mane – Increases attractiveness to beastfolk.


Mat Rass

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