Lukas Wenzeslaus

Funny Stab Child


Age: 15

High Concept: Otherworldly Assassin vs The World – From baseballer to Assassin from another world, Lukas uses his newfound skills to take down monsters and even gods from time to time, the thrill of playing a death game against such terrible foes and the amazing fan fair when you get in this world for doing so giving him motivation to push through the danger.

Trouble: Look Over Here – Lukas is very self conscious and while he may not want to be the center of attention at all times he hates to be ignored and left out of things, this can cause his TEENAGE MOODINESS to surface in the form of anger or a really stupid thing he’ll regret later.

Personal Aspect: Smooth Looker – Lukas very much likes to look nice and always takes those extra moments to figure out his outfit for the day. He’s also not one to shy away from telling other people changes they could make to their look so they can stand out more. Given enough time he can cobble together something that would catch attention even if they person wearing it would not approve.

Friendship Bond: Jan The Meido – [Top-Class Service – Every refresh gives an extra fate point (can go above the Default Refresh of 3) and the Boost: Walking on Sunshine. The boost symbolizes restarting the journey well-rested and with warm clothes, and fades after the introductory scene.] – A less than professional relationship very much influenced by the heart rather than the mind, Jan and Lukas keep each other in good spirits and always look forward to the start of a new day with each other.

Animosity Bond:

Guardian Bond: Guardian Bond is [Scorpion Stance – You can use your Accuracy (-1) as if it were Brawl, as long as you’re using a kunai or similar small weapon.]

+3: Accuracy, Resolve
+2: Athletics, Alertness, Art, Endurance
+1: Academics, Investigation, Rapport, Stealth,

Signature Stunt: Unnatural Determination – Resolve can be used to intimidate even those with the upper hand in a situation as your demeanour reveals just how far you’ll go to pursuing a goal.

Stunt: Pitching Ace – During a accuracy attack, spend a fate point and declare a specific condition you want to inflict on a target, like Shot in the Hand. If you succeed, you place that as a situation aspect on them in addition to hitting them for stress.

Stunt: Last Resort Ninpo (Requires Pitching Ace) – Once per session you may spend a fate point to make an accuracy attack against all enemies in an encounter (or an amount of non-combat characters agreed on with the gm) that counts as a magical attack. This attack always inflicts at least one shift.

Stunt: Shadowstep – For a fate point you can relocate yourself within a scene without provoking opposition unless it is detection of a magical nature.

Royal Skies – Art can be used in place of games for the last step of the match.

Fate Points: 0 | Refresh: 3

Physical: [][/][]
Mental: []2[]
Mild – Clawed
Mod – Shadow Burn-ed


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Lukas Wenzeslaus

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