Innocent cutie who innocently loves cutesy things


A 12-year-old girl with an uplifting go-getter attitude, Angie was pulled into the otherworld alongside the Rass siblings during the trip into Eagle Valley. Her physical skills are balanced out by the fact that she’s very naive and childlike, and she often trusts her gut more than her brains. Nevertheless Angie cares for her friends and proves herself a very adorable sidekick. Recently obtained a new teddybear, nicknamed Theodoric the Great.

Feeling a little useless after an amusing amount of people started following behind her campmates, Angie has now taken up a new hobby: studying Order teachings in the hopes of learning some healing magic! With Celes as her instructor, it’s hard to tell what shenanigans the two oppai angels will be getting into. But uh, they’ll be pure and chaste, no matter what.

  • Proud friend of two plush toys, President Teddy Roosevelt and Chief of State Rexy
  • Occasional breathing problems due to her severe asthma
  • Good at beary niche physical activities, card games, and moral support


The Mainland GeeEm