Kiran Rass

>BIG Sis to the Extreme


Name: Kiran Rass

Age: 29

High Concept: Skate Fast, Bail Hard
Kiran’s motto is to live life to the fullest, and if that means you mess up and get a few bruises it just means you’ve got some room to get more awesome! Some people might call that ‘being headstrong’ or ‘not thinking things through’, but that’s just talk for people who can’t take action! Don’t get bogged down by ‘what if’ or anything about the past; the future is where it’s at, and if you’re not heading there you’re old news!

Trouble: Fifteen Turning Thirty
Well nobody looks at Kiran as a young girl any more, which solves one issue that the skater had with people, but the fact of the matter is she has missed out on lots of experiences thanks to a certain bit of weird alchemy that’s sent her body way up in age groups. As such she can seem like a stupid and clueless adult to people who are unaware of her odd situation, but usually she just takes it on the chin. It doesn’t bother her too much, but others might take offense from how cheerily she accepts her ignorance.

Personal Aspect: Brewer, Beastmaster, Big Sis
Kiran has increased her repertoire of skills after entering the isekai, and has found herself to be proficient in two things particularly; alchemy and beast-taming. Alchemy has proved to be a bit like cooking, which was a hobby she previously enjoyed in secret for it being ‘too girly’, and beastmastery follows from the love of animals she’s hidden after she thought friends would make fun of her for liking cute animals. Surprisingly there isn’t as much of a stigma if it’s a flying bird-lion thing.

Friendship Bond: Karin - Being friends with a faerie dragon provides a lot of benefits, although it also opens you up to a lot of pranks too. Sometimes you get exactly what you’re looking for in Karin’s madhat hoard, and sometimes you get a whoopie cushion or a chocolate coin. It’s all down to luck! [For The Hoard – For a fate point once per session, you can ask the dragon for an item in its hoard fitting three categories: ‘Money’, ‘Potion’ or ‘Accessory’.]
Animosity Bond:
Guardian Bond: Emi - Kiran couldn’t leave Emi behind after she lost her home after an experiment gone terribly wrong, and her heart really goes out to the poor girl. Still, she knows not to baby Emi or make her feel too much like a burden, so the elven alchemist is gonna be pulling her weight! [Surrogate Sister – Emi can assist in Kiran’s Perception or Knowledge skill tests with +2 instead of +1.]

Bonus Skills
+4 Rapport
+3 Brawl, Ride
+2 Resolve, Endurance, Investigation, Survival
+1 Alertness, Games, Athletics, Art

Signature Stunt: Glow In The Dark, Fashionable, Best Accessory Ever Rollershoes
Getting roller skates mixed in with trainers is basically the best idea that Kiran has ever heard of, and so she wears them religiously come rain or shine. Two wheels per shoe and a pad between them for grinds. You never know when you’ll find a new place to show off some tricks! Kiran can use Ride in place of Athletics as long as she performs some sort of rollerblading trick for it.

Stunt: No Pain, No Game
If you haven’t got a bruise or two by the end of something, you needed to get more involved! When Kiran takes her first Consequence during a scene, she gets an Adrenaline boost that she can invoke once for free.

Stunt: Disregard the Dull
It’s no fun getting told what you can and can’t do! It’s up to you to push your limits to see for yourself how far you can go, and that’s why Kiran likes to turn those situations on their head. You can do anything as long as you give it a good enough try. Whenever Kiran acts flippantly, she can turn a – on her rolls into a + once per scene instead!

Fate Points: 0 | Refresh: 3

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][]


- Lyria’s Diary
- Music Box
- Super Pervert Spicey Meowmix: Charges up or alters the effect of a potion. (3 uses left)
- Dragon Fang Fist – ARMOR BREAKER – Ignores the target’s Armored Rating | UNBREAKABLE – Cannot be Corroded/Slimed/Melted/Destroyed
- (Unequipped) Elegant Kimono – +1 Rapport when dealing with people from Zipangu
A whole bunch of potion recipes


Kiran Rass

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