The Mainland

Solstice Port

Having fueled up a floatplane with demonic essence, the party left Frozen Hell behind and docked offshore. Their first stop was Solstice Port, they were met with suspicious glares and whispers from the rough-and-tumble denizens of the town, ruffians and fiends of all kinds.

Potential Activities:
- Rescue Request – The survivors of the siege on Frozen Hell are waiting for a rescue at Glacial Harbor! Finding the right captain (who won’t try to pull any funky pirate moves) to rescue them is important, even moreso in this port.

- The Black Market – Every city could have a criminal underworld functioning right under people’s noses… in Solstice Port, the guards are in on it, giving peddlers the ability to hawk any and all wares. If one needs to purchase something shady, this is an easy place to get it.



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