The Mainland

Innawoods, Day 1

Our heroes Mat and Lukas made a bunch of friends on their first day, playing cards and baseball to pass the time. Trouble arose during the first night as Linda appeared to have gone missing. Splitting into groups to search for her, the two boys met up with another group of campers, and were pointed towards a rather frightening clearing… or a demon glade. Linda was eventually found in a stupor, confused and scared, in the hands of the Innawoods bus driver.

Potential Activities:
- Late Night Entertainment – Filled with rebels and growing testosterone, the boys cabin doesn’t go to bed when told to do so. With everyone hyped up by their arrival in camp, a number of games have begun to crop up after midnight, from card games to truth or dare.

- Mission Impossible – Hormones don’t make you stupid per se, but they do lead to a lot of stupid choices. A few of the teens managed to sneak in a few brewskies from the Lodge into the boys cabin, and are ready to attempt the stupidest and most daring panty-raid in history.

- Spirited Away – There’s a night watchman standing guard outside the cabin preventing one from leaving (unless it’s to the bathroom). Curiosity is a painfully strong driving force though. With a buddy as a decoy, you can break through the first line of defense to go explore.
- Having distracted the night guard once, this decoy system is guaranteed to fail if attempted twice in the same night. Try again tomorrow…



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