The Mainland

Frozen Hell

Through ample flower-filled shenanigans, the group of four managed to fall into another world. Their first destination in this world was the accursed Frozen Hell (or White Hell), a tundra with fairies and monsters. They avoided a large feathered beast and managed to freeze it in a Sub-Zero Lake before being guided towards a Ruined Settlement, finding a faerie dragon play-pretending to be a plain hoard-keeping dragon.

Before heading off towards the northest point, the group decided to scavenge a little bit in search of goodies… unfortunately they got their hands on one of the seven items that will destroy the world: a talking mask called Wis, capable of granting endless knowledge and foresight to its host. Getting through the tundra wasn’t easy, but the group had the destination, and the will to get there, making short work of a goblin-filled underpass before finally getting to the final stretch of their journey in the Frozen Hell: a 20-meter-long rift in the earth that runs from one end of the land to the other.

Potential Activities:
- Clear the Underpass – Goblins are rude, noisy, and most pertinently, numerous. The critters stinking up the underpass make it hard to relax given that the occasional scout/rascal makes its way out of it and into the wilderness, threatening to jump out and go OOGITY-BOOGITY at someone at any point! Dealing with the goblin menace, using violence or some other method, should be rewarding and probably even feel good.

- Do Not Make Deals With Fairies – Clear but faded instructions in the back of the map reveal that the Crystal Tree Forest is inhabited by fairies. The group has become aware that fairies are notorious pranksters, as one Sau displayed her power and prowess during the trek to the ruined settlement. Still, even with this information, the fairies might be able to offer a solution to the group’s rift-related problem!

- Do Not Feed The Warg – Once again, the map’s faded instructions are quite clear. The ice fortress makes for a beautiful vista, but the threat of a warg (a big wolf, according to one of the survivors) means one should be careful when entering to plunder its riches. The scenery on its own is probably not a good reward, but the team might be able to find a solution to their gap-shaped dilemma there!



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